Rashin M. Taheri

Rashin M. Taheri

Founder & CEO


AppTalia is born out of Rashin's background in software and her passion for education. After spending nearly 15 years in IT business, Rashin was inspired by her daughters to build a business for families that would educate and stimulate young imaginations.

As a Persian mother, Rashin was very interested in teaching her childrens her native language. So she looked for Persian applications in App Store and surprisingly enough, there was none! Then she decided to create the first Persian mobile applications for children and AppTalia was born.
Rashin launched AppTalia in March 2012 in her home office in Virginia for educating the new generation of bilingual readers - children who love to learn and for parents who are also tech-savvy and appreciate the capabilities and enhanced features of digital devices.
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Rashin M. Taheri

Anil Tortop

Illustrator/ Animator


Anil is a children's book illustrator and animator. She received her Bachelor degree in animation in 2005 and since then she has illustrated more than 30 story books, TV games, apps and educational materials.

In her professional career, Anil have learned to be flexible and employ different styles for each book. She thinks that every single book has its unique soul and the style should reflect that accordingly.

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Join the little black fish and explore.

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Learn 180 words in 10 different languages.


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