The Tale of a Snowflake (Water Cycle)

Parents' Choice Award Winner

The tale of a snowflake is a beautiful story that teaches the water cycle in a unique and interactive way. Explore the three phases of the water cycle, including evaporation, condensation and precipitation through this fun and educational app.


A water molecule with a childlike voice narrates her journey from the ocean to the sky and back down to Earth as a snowflake. Children participate in the process; they move the sun around and cause water to evaporate, move condensed clouds through the sky; and shake snowflakes from clouds. When the snowflake falls, she explains that even this is not the last part of her journey. The circulation of water has gone on for billions of years, and it will continue when she melts and evaporates again.




Kids Best iPad Apps - In "The tale of a snowflake" every child will be delighted by this app's beautiful imagery and friendly storytelling on the cycle of a snowflake, from water to snow and back to water again.

The Tale of a Snowflake

For ages: 3-9
Languages: English, Persian
Created for: iPad, iPhone & iPod touch

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