What is AppTalia?

Knowledge for Kids, Peace of Mind for Parents

AppTalia offers educational, multilingual apps that provide answers to kids' questions about the world in which we live. We introduce and get young children excited about science in a way that encourages exploration and continued interest. Currently we are developing an innovative learning platform that will enable kids to browse and discover science facts in four categories: The Human Body, Plants & Animals, Earth & Science, and Chemistry & Physics.

Designed for children in kindergarten through 4th grade, the new platform will be fully interactive, so kids can see, hear, and experiment with the facts being presented. At the end of each lesson, they will be able to test their knowledge by completing an interactive quiz or activity. New science facts will be added regularly, enabling kids to learn something new every day.

According to recent studies, kids in the U.S. consistently rank low in international science competitions. Young children are naturally curious about what goes on around them. AppTalia is committed to fueling and satisfying that curiosity by delivering quality apps that answer their many "Why?" questions in a fun and interactive way. Ultimately, our goal is to help make U.S. children the "science champs" they deserve to be!

The tale of a snowflake

Learn about the water cycle.

Little Black Fish

Join the little black fish and explore.

Touch The Thing

Learn 180 words in 10 different languages.