Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
- Henry Ford

Let's teach our children teamwork through this beautiful story because individually we are one drop, Together we are an ocean.

"Together" is an exciting story of how unity makes strength. It is a story of a group of birds, who have to find a solution to a serious problem. They are caught in a trap and each of them is struggling to get out of the net. The tension is rising when one bird suggests that they should focus and find one solution for everyone, and work together to make it happen.



Director: Rashin M. Taheri
Script writer: Linda Khosla
Illustrator:Helen Luzgin
Programmer: Rashin M. Taheri


For ages: 3- 8 years
Languages: English, Persian
Created for: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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